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Finding Personal Peace?

What A LifeCoach Can Offer

Training Sessions
Being well acquainted with the Five Areas of Personal Peace [Awareness, Acceptance, Alignment, Identity, & Unity] is very important. Regular exposure to these concepts  will begin the development of new neural pathways in the brain. These sessions are designed to awaken new personal insights necessary for change.

Guided Meditations
Finding the background to life’s movement and noise is essential to personal peace. With guidance we can rediscover the art of being… still and quiet… inside and out. These sessions are designed to quiet the mind for personal healing.

Daily Check-ins
These 10-15 minute motivational moments are designed to set the mind within a natural flow or alignment with the truest self for a fulfilling day.

Development of Personal Motivation, Momentum & Focus
Motivation is something that comes out of a personal desire. Once awareness of these personal desires is heightened, we can discover the “want to” that we had been hoping to have. Routine builds momentum. The smallest adjustments today routinely acted upon can make the biggest difference tomorrow. Focus is difficult for the one who cannot relinquish it. Reach your goals without the effort you think is necessary.

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You can have your own personal guide to finding your own personal peace.

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