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We cannot change what we cannot see.

Everyone seems to be desiring this one thing in life...change: personal change,

physical change, mental change, financial change, political change, etc. To bring about

change in our lives, we tend to focus our attention upon​ the result or the effect that we are experiencing in the moment. We desire a different experience so we employ tactics and techniques designed to personally will our way into a more desirable present moment experience. But this is like a doctor who is treating the symptoms but never really getting to the cause… the dis-ease. The very act of trying to change is only producing more stress for us and, even with all our many strategies, the change we desire continues to elude us.

Seeing may be all we need for change.

The wisdom and insight for change come from the ability to be still and observe. When we talk about awareness we are not speaking of eye-sight but rather we are speaking of in-sight. Everyday we depend upon the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste to experience the world around us. Just imagine. 

What would remain if suddenly all of these senses were turned off? ~ ~ ~ 

And along with this, a sudden case of the total loss of memory? ~ ~ ~ 

All that would remain is a sense of AWARENESS...being. Awareness is our true nature… what is left when all else is gone. 


AWARENESS: spirit, soul, consciousness, essence, life, being.

​Awareness is the background behind thinking and doing. It is what knows when thinking is being thought, when doings are being done. We can experience this phenomenon of awareness when we are still and quiet...simply observing. Through this then, change is brought about in a peaceful and a very natural manner. 

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