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To understand totally we must understand totality.

​A philosophy that is present in almost every culture in the world in some form or another is one that is often referred to as… “The Golden Rule.” It intimates that one should endeavor to treat another in the same way that one would like to be treated. As a rule, a person who lives by this philosophy will express empathy. Empathy is the expression of a perspective that extends beyond one’s self - a more holistic view of life and the world. 

The solution to any problem is how it is connected

to the whole.

From our very limited perspective, the world appears to be fragmented into many unrelated parts. Often it is difficult to see how these parts do actually fit together to make a world. There is a tiny microscopic aspect to the world that the naked eye cannot perceive and yet that aspect is always present. Though looking up

into the night sky can give us some sense of it, there is also a very large macroscopic aspect to the world that cannot be perceived. It too is always present. These unseen aspects are vitally connected to and completely comprise the world as a whole. 

Seeing how the details of life are connected is the greatest insight of wisdom.

Looking down from an aircraft flying 30,000 feet in the sky reveals how the smaller fragments of life come together to form beautiful symmetrical patterns on the ground. We know from our experience that it is more complicated on the ground than it now appears above and, upon the flights conclusion, we will rediscover that complexity. But while the big picture perspective of the flight continues we may experience a momentary detachment that may provide a refreshing return to life below. 

Resilient are those who are able to sustain a big picture perspective toward 

the difficult fragments of life.

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