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There is a happiness that does not depend upon what happens.

​Happiness is certainly a state of mind that is most often dependent upon the circumstances of a given moment. A game played on the field, for example, is observed by the home crowd and the visiting crowd. Though each crowd views the same game, at the final buzzer, each crowd will leave with a different mood. It is not then the game that is the cause of mood but rather the state of mind, the preference, the desire of the respective crowd. 


The desire for a positive experience in life is in itself a negative experience.
The acceptance of a negative experience in life is in itself a positive experience.


The most powerful action we can take in life is not an action at all but a non-action. "Let it be." The ability to be with the moment as it is, allowing the moment to unfold upon its natural course, seems entirely counterproductive and even foolish. But it is the resistance to the moment that more often results in catastrophe and certainly a great deal of stress. Someone has said that we are most powerful when we are like an avalanche and we let go. We are most beautiful when we are like a flower and we open up. 


It is possible to merely see reality as it is without judgement.


A hurricane is a very powerful force of nature. It can flatten whole cities with its incredibly high winds. But, at the center of the hurricane is a place of eerie calm - the eye of the storm. Blue skies and a sunny day can be experienced. Acceptance of the present moment will bring us to a place of peaceful clarity in the middle of the storm. 


To resist what IS is futile. To act upon what IS is wisdom.

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