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Taproot Therapy is a collective of therapists who share resources to create a more efficient way to offer services for self discovery, growth and healing, Taproot Therapy Collective does not use "one size fits all" therapy models. Instead we try to personally understand each patient and help reconnect them with the journey that their life calls them toward. We make no presumptions about who you are or where you are going. The clinicians at Taproot Therapy Collective only want to help you find yourself and to find the way to where your journey calls you.

It is time to think that behavioral health care should be part of our overall wellbeing rather than only seeking help when we are having difficulty in life. Integrative practices have shown that when we pay attention to what is going on with us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we are able to more effectively lead happier and healthier lives. Too often people leave out the mental health aspect until something happens, whether it is moderately discomforting or catastrophic, and it simply doesn’t have to be that way. This is why we are proponents of the concept of mental health maintenance programs for everyday living.

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