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Mayer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance from the University of Mobile. After being educated in the field of the arts and achieving a modicum of success as a music artist, singer, arranger, and composer, Mayer found his personal niche in philosophy and spiritual insight. Thousands have benefited from his wisdom and guidance through decades as a teacher, pastor, philosopher, life coach, and/or spiritual guide. His sincere compassion for people, married with his deep understanding of ancient textual teachings, and his progressive life philosophy afford him a unique style of communicating. Mayer has composed an effective curriculum of study compiled from decades of personal experiences. His experiences include guiding volunteers at a downtown mission assisting impoverished families, at-risk youth, homeless and addicted persons, etc. to developing and guiding a recovery support program to successfully illuminating groups within a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. 

“Mayer was able to take me exactly where I was and help me to be content enough with my current state that I could see my way into brighter days.” 

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