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We cannot change what we cannot see.

Peace Is My Innate Wellbeing.

The field in which all sound/vibration exists is silence. The field in which all movement occurs is stillness.

The field in which all objects exist is emptiness/space. The field in which all doing, striving, activity exists is being.

Being is peace... the background/the field of life is peace...always peace. 


Just as sound exists within the field of silence, just as objects exist within the field of space, the activities of life exist within the field of being. The essence of life is being. Being is our natural state of peace and tranquility; the background to all the stress of life’s challenges.


Personal peace is not an experience to be acquired as much as it is a state to be experienced. 

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Presented here are five concepts for finding your personal peace: AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, ALIGNMENT, IDENTITY, and UNITY.


These concepts exist within the human condition. They are not steps to be followed or rules to be obeyed. They are the base concepts of life itself. These concepts are not new but ancient and primal to life. 

By openly considering each concept and observing intentionally the profound way that these concepts appear in daily life, you will be able to experience a transcendence to stress, worry, and even the pressures that bring them on.


Acquaint yourself with the five concepts by meditatively reading through the brief descriptions provided for each. Then return to the site daily to re-acquaint yourself with the concepts. 

More detailed information pertaining to the concepts and ways to notice how they appear in life can be found on the Videos & More page .

There is no path that leads to peace... peace is the path.

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